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myonSchedule is a software application designed for home construction scheduling. It was developed in partnership with Pulte Homes, one of the largest U.S. production home builders.

The combination of the Pulte construction experience and the web based project management expertise of onProject, Inc helped to create the best application available to builders and their trade businesses.

Can you afford to buy scheduling software?

Can you afford not to?

myonSchedule White Paper

Learn how buying scheduling software can actually save your company money!


myonSchedule brings together builder management, superintendents, subcontractors and vendors via the Internet. Each has access to schedule information eliminating the need for extra phone calls, faxes and forms being passed around and updated manually.

The system is flexible enough to adjust to handle unexpected events and schedule delays while imposing order and providing quality processes.

Check out the product features that can give your company the competitive edge they need to be more efficient and more profitable:

  • Simple and easy to follow user interface
  • Multiple schedule views; Single, Multi, Daily, Weekly
  • Colors, options, issues management
  • Template management
  • Mobile application
  • Notifications
  • Payment generation
  • Reports
  • Milestone management
  • Notes
  • User Management
  • Plan Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Data import

This software will help reduce cycle times, minimize costly scheduling errors, increase visibility into the timing of closings and enable better cash management. It works for both large and small builders as well as sub contractors working across multiple projects. 

In today’s marketplace, where builders have to cut costs and still get the work done, myonSchedule can help each user see more, manage more and do more.


myonSchedule gives builders:

  • access to schedule information via web browser or Windows Mobile device
  • Improved communication to trades and office
  • No infrastructure to worry about - your information is centrally located on Tier One hosted servers
  • Software that grows with your usage
  • Low cost training provided to users
  • Accountability for issues and problems
  • Ability to react to accelerations, lost time, uncontrollable delays or slow downs
  • A way to track vendor performance
  • Capability to see all color/option choices
  • Automatic notification of schedule changes to trade partners via email
  • Integration with your accounting system
  • Integration with Builder 1440
  • No worries about maintenance of any systems – we upgrade and maintain the software

Join companies like yours who are already reaping the benefits of this business tool. One visit will convince you that signing up with myonSchedule is a no-risk proposition that can pay off for your company in big ways.


The basic package includes:

  • Web application
  • Report package
  • Mobile application
  • Support
  • Hosting by onProject, Inc.

Users per month
(Min. Fee $100/month)

$25 each
One time set up fee $500
Training for 5 participants $150
Training for 6-10 participants $200/hr
Training for 10+ participants $250/hr
Implementation/consulting $150/hr

Our training is done via an online web meeting or conducted onsite and provides an introduction to the software. Although the application is very intuitive, an onProject instructor can provide a more comprehensive look at the many features available. Our training programs are flexible and can be adapted for any business.

Some of the points covered by our training programs include:

  • Creating divisions
  • Creating milestones
  • Vendor set-up
  • Creating communities and lots
  • Configuring lots
  • Building templates and tasks
  • Creating construction schedules
  • Creating options, color packages
  • Managing issues
  • Creating checklists
  • Managing schedules
  • Security roles and permissions
  • Forecasting
  • Using the mobile application
  • Using myonSchedule Reports

Training sessions are scheduled through our customer support department.


onProject provides various helpful tools within the software to get your teams up and running. Listed under the tech support link will be:

  • FAQs
  • Administration Manual
  • DCT Manual
  • Handheld quick reference
  • Superintendent Quick Reference
  • Superintendent Manual
  • Vendor Manual
  • Vendor Quick Reference

Online help is also available and content rich within the application.


Our customer support phone line is available:

Monday – Friday

9:00AM to 6:00PM EST

We also encourage all our users to select the Support tab within the application to electronically send us any questions, error messages, comments or suggestions.

For Customer Support, please call
(973) 971-9970 and press 2



myonSchedule can be up and running as quickly as necessary. The following steps are taken during the average implementation:

  • Preliminary assessment of the clients business and processes
  • Proposal is sent out listing all implementation costs, fees and timelines
  • Client accepts the proposal and signs legal agreements
  • Work begins on the set-up and configuration of myonSchedule
  • Clients system goes live with a test group
  • Adjustments are made to assure success
  • Client provides feedback on issues and problems that need to be addressed
  • Resolution and the system works perfectly!

An implementation guide is available and provided to all new clients.


We also offer an initial implementation package:

  • Load in all customer data
  • Custom report writing
  • Recommend best business practices
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